Janne Schipper
Born in Amsterdam in 1996 and grew up in different villages and cities in the province Noord Holland. Being the daughter of a Frame-maker, precision and care for the material are of great importance.

After following an education at Yangstayll -a pre-bachelor in art, the study continued at KABK, The Royal academy of Art in Den Haag.

In 2017 co-founded the artist collective STANLEY.
A collective that concerns itself with social concepts and cares for social intervention. STANLEY can be seen as a fluidly shaped collective, existing of Mother- and Daughter compagnies, extending for projects (daughter compagnies under the name STANLEY) and after returning back to the Mother company.

In 2018 co-founded the artist group AnnaState.
This group of artists consists of graduates from the KABK that through a gentle approach try to involve a wide range of people into the projects that collectively or individually are brought into being.