Janne Schipper
De Torenkamer

Installation from ground- floor, up to the roof.

De Torenkamer
In the spring of 2015, a visit to Museum Dr. Guislain in Belgium sparked a care for the field of human size and boundaries that would continue to appear in my work as an underlying interest after.

Making sense, or making no sense based on a at first glance logical understanding of phenomena that surround us as human beings.
Almost tangible, the image of walls surrounding the mind and senses appeared, stimulating an urge to break with my logic, in order to find out if my understanding of- would expand its field and go beyond my confining and comforting sense of things. Can one get a sense of that which does only partially or hardly correspond with human measurements?

The installation "De Torenkamer", located in the staircase of a tower, was a first step to dive into the notions of roles played by matter and humans in space. Like a silent theatre of objects, the visitors had to move from the ground-floor to the top-floor in order to meet all the "players", being indispensable actors themselves.
The gaze of a person, socially determined, formulated by a mentally created cadre; establishing the character of the world around us.

1 Performing with the wooden head
connecting ground and upper floor.

2 "The bench that did not want to become a bench"

3 "Incapable seat to sit on"

4 "Vertical carriage, driving on the floor, driving on the ceiling"

5 Video performance of "De Muur"