From Loaf

A Short trained reflection on shapes and conventions.
Part of the sequence "BROOD, WOL, HOUT"
"Say again, I didn't remember...
To me, eh loaf and bread, eh used to be the same...


To me, loaf and bread used to be the same. And at the time I didn't have the sense to see the difference.
In some part of my mind I can still detect a feeling of shame, a flicker of anger and a sense of wasted time, from that moment that I realised that the important word was bread. That bread could be baked into an infinity of shapes.
I dindn't have the sense to see, that the shape of the loaf had nothing to do with the food-value of the bread.
The shape was nothing but a convenience. But my education has been too much concerned with shapes.
At odd moments I find myself angered when I ask myself the question: 'how much of what I was thought was a matter of convenience?'. But I ask nobody... There is nobody there to give me an answer."

From Loaf
short video

Reyjavík, Iceland
Janne Schipper