Gospodi Pomiluj
a sound installation made out of four consecutive rooms
in each single room one voice can be heard
all voices part of one music piece
a Fuge written for one soprano, one alto, one tenor, one bass

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Janne Schipper
A collaboration between four classically trained singers (Eva Modic -soprano, Carolina Alves -mezzosoprano, Darius Hulme -tenor, Geert van der Kaaij -bass) a classically trained composer (Bogdan Lucic) and a frame-maker (Jacco Schipper) constituted the creation of Gospodi Pomiluj.

Creation and re-creation, an echo effect, from undefined space to assuming a confined space as a reference point.

A voice starts singing, creating the foundation for the continuation of the piece. From a chaotic space, a frame is introduced. Consequently another voice contributes, only having the freedom to express small differences to the created melody. The new voice is constantly forced to refer back to the foundation set by the first voice.
Then force in opposite direction, resulting in an atonale part.
Finally all introduced voices weave through each other, in a complex unity, at times complementing each other, at times totally disconnected.