Janne Schipper
Hooliganism is our -ism II
A performance by STANLEY in public space, performed during Fringe Festival in Stockholm, 2017.
This performance is a continuation of Hooliganism is our -ism I.
Sept 2017
is set in public space, deals with group behaviour and puts a focus on group affiliation.
In the performance STANLEY seperates the audience,
consisting of passers-by, by marking a grid on the pavement.

Within each of the three newly created fields STANLEY tells different stories about associations or abstract forms of social behaviour. The stories have a simple and entertaining character, all starting with the sentence "Yesterday at the match I met STANLEY again (...)".

In these stories STANLEY functions as a genderless main
character, as a person to relate to, as a person that everybody could imagine to encounter.
The storytellers rotate and so, if the audience does not decide to move or cross into a different section on the marked field, the public will hear only one story
- for three times.

After telling the stories STANLEY starts cheering loudly,
thanking the audience for participating in the performance, shaking hands and high-fiving everyone.