Janne Schipper
Hooliganism is our -ism I
is a performance in public space performed by STANLEY in 2017 in Reykjavík, Iceland.
Feb 2017
deals with the phenomenon of "groupthink". In this performance the accent lies on the interactive, communicative element, allowing the concept of "groupthink" to come to its full realisation.
For the performance, STANLEY invites a person to take part in an interview on a public bus. The performers adapt to the opinion of the interviewee and thereby establish a group identity based on the answers. Once this identity is strong enough to function without the introductory input, the interviewee is asked to pose for a picture outside of the bus and to hold a banner with his/her name on it. In this moment the person no longer functions as the source of the group identity but has become redundant as an individual identity. The person transforms, petrifies into an
external monument: only functioning as an ideological reference point.

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