Janne Schipper

is a collaboration between STANLEY and Büro fur Förmlichkeiten.

ON COUNTING premiered in Iceland, LHÍ, Reykjavík in May 2017.
The performance showed in Giessen in the Tat theatre again that November.

This theatre performance concerns itself with the idea of counting, as a shape or a methode that enables us to work with the presumed distinction between the void and the infinite.
The performance exemplifies counting as a functioning system and states that a system can be overthrown by establishing another system.

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The foundation of mathematics is operating with figures as a negotiation of a chaos between the void and the infinite.
Humankind established mathematics as an instrument that defines a caesura, a gap in order to control this chaos. This system tries to grasp what we cannot think: a combination of void and infinity.

Mathematics uses the quantity of figures as a measurement system, calculating the gap as a space where formerly was none. The quantity enables us to set qualities and thereby to describe a multitude of this gap's content.
Stills from performance recordings: