Janne Schipper
Sound and Space
Sound installation, 2016
Sculpture of foam and an analogue tone generator, capable of generating extremely low frequencies.

Because of the qualities of sound, when played in space it places itself like a human body; in some places it heaps up and amplifies, almost solidifies, and at other places it mutes.
Through walking through space together the sound moves the body, as a choreography, an interaction between sound, space and the body.

Instead of the body being a positive shape, something taking space, it turns into negative space, with the scope surrounding the body tightly fitting onto its material boundary. Yet piercing through this distinction is a part of the human individual as well, extending the border of the limits in first instance suggested by the skin and the body. In both personal and space a constant exchange happens, a reverberance, leaving either a positive or negative imprint on each other.